The Trip

Jericoacoara, Delta do Parnaíba and Lençóis Maranhenses – (7 days and 6 nights)


Impressive off-road trip through one of the most unique regions of the globe, the Route of Emotions – Jeri, Delta, and Lençóis Maranhenses. Fantastic landscapes such as “wilderness” of Brazil, full of crystal clear lakes, the only open sea delta in the Americas and one of the prettiest beaches in the world will be visited on this tour, which includes ecotourism, adventure, sun & beach, culture and cuisine.

Three states of Northeastern Brazil will be visited in modern 4×4 vehicles and speedboats, besides several OPTIONAL ctivities such as walks, horse rides, panoramic flights, surf, kite and windsurf, bird and natural life watching besides  living experience with local communities.


*Accommodation with breakfast in the chosen category:

1 night in Fortaleza, 2 nights in Jericoacoara, 1 night in Parnaíba, 1 night in Atins, 1 night in Barreirinhas.

*All terrestrial services, speedboats and tours mentioned:

Between destinations: Transfers Fortaleza/Jericoacoara (private), Jericoacoara/Parnaíba, Parnaíba/Caburé (private), Caburé/Barreirinhas (private), Barreirinhas/São Luís (regular).

Fortaleza: Arrival and departure transfers (regular).

Jericoacoara: off-road tours by lagoons Paraíso, Coração and Pedra Furada (private), Lagoa de Tatajuba (Lagoa da Torta) and Funil dune (private).

Parnaíba: speedboat tour throughout Delta do Parnaíba and Feijão Bravo Bay (private).

Barreirinhas: Tour by 4×4 to Lagoa Azul and Peixes lagoons (regular), speedboat tour by the Rio Preguiças with visit to Vassouras, Mandacaru Lighthouse and Caburé (private).

* Only for option Fortaleza-Jericoacoara by beaches: Tour/transfer by 4×4 by Ceará’s beaches such as Icaraí, Cumbuco, Lagoinha, Trairí, Mundaú, Baleia, Caetano, Apiques, Icaraí da Amontada, Preá, among others – may change in order and itinerairy according to natural conditions (private).

Day by Day

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  • DIA 1 - Fortaleza

    Destination: Route of Emotions – Essential II/ Inverted

    Arrival in Fortaleza and transfer to the chosen accommodation.

  • DIA 2 - Fortaleza - Jericoacoara

    Destination: Route of Emotions – Essential II/ Inverted

    This day travelers choose among three transfer options until Jericoacoara: by road on 4×4 or bus; or by the beaches on 4×4. In the options by road we will drive 370 km until Jericoacoara. In the option by the beaches, we will follow until Icaraí and Cumbuco beaches, yet in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza. We will also discover the beautiful Lagoinha beach, Ceará’s postcard, and we will visit the mouth of the Trairi River, which we will cross on the ferry to reach Guajiru Beach. We will continue our adventure by the seaside the sands of Mundaú Beach, then we will cross by ferry until Baleia, Caetano, Apiques and Icaraí da Amontoada beaches. We will go on through several small towns such as Itarema and Acaraú and, by secondary roads, we will reach Praia do Preá (beach). From there, by the seaside, we will come to Jericoacoara. Throughout this coastal stretch of blue sea, the dunes and coconut trees will guide us through small fishing colonies interspersed with beaches and sophisticated luxury houses, in a breathtaking landscape which is typical of Ceará’s coast. This day may undergo change in route and stop duration for photos, bath and lunch due to the tide. The overnight stay in Jericoacoara will allows us to taste the nightlife of the small town, its restaurants, shops and bars.

  • DIA 3 - Jericoacoara

    Destination: Route of Emotions – Essential II/ Inverted

    After breakfast, off-road tour at Lagoa do Paraíso and Lagoa do Coração lagoons, visiting the Pedra Furada (Holed Stone), another of Ceará’s postcards, which we will reach after a 20 minute walk from the Preá Beach.
    On the Lagoa do Paraíso, the vibrant colors of the place refers to the Caribbean paradise: white and very fine sands are confused with the green of the ground vegetation and coconut trees which in turn frame the turquoise crystal clear water. Excellent structure of bars and restaurants.
    Overnight in Jericoacoara.

  • DIA 4 - Jericoacoara - Parnaíba

    Destination: Route of Emotions – Essential II/ Inverted

    After breakfast, we will go by the seaside from Jericoacoara to Parnaíba. Our first cross by ferry will be at Guriú Beach, with its green-water channel and the cemetery of the mangrove trees. The 4×4 will follow the waterfront until Tatajuba Beach. Panoramic tour by the Dune of Funil. In the Torta Lagoon we will be delighted with the small hammocks over the water and the fruits of the sea curious “live” menu from Didi’s restaurant. Going on by the waterfront, we will reach the white dunes and Ilha do Amor carnaubas palm trees and we will cross by ferry the Coreaú Mouth until Camocim. About 130 km later we will be in Parnaíba, beautiful town with good structure of bars, restaurants and night clubs. Night in Parnaiba.

  • DIA 5 - Parnaíba - Caburé - Atins

    Destination: Route of Emotions – Essential II/ Inverted

    After breakfast, transfer to the Porto de Tatus where we will embark on speedboat through the majestic maze of islands in the Delta of Parnaíba. We will make a short stop for photos in the dunes of Ilha Grande de Santa Izabel. We wil explore the Igarapé dos Periquitos, following its narrow channel flanked by several mangrove vegetation. In this stream there will be the crab caranguejo- uçá pick, where the pilot-guide stick in the mud of the swamp bringing the famous land crab, local delicacy. We will walk through the Igarapé dos Poldros, which divides the islands of the Poldros and the Canaries. In this strem it is common sightings of animals such as monkeys, alligators, iguanas and birds beyond number!
    The landing in the chain of dunes Feijão Bravo reveals a rare phenomenon in the world and in which the delta is lavish. On one side we see a river beach and the other a beautiful ocean beach, bathed by the majestic Atlantic! The mangrove forest and ponds (in flood) complete the picture. After lunch, and aboard the powerful 4×4 (optional: tour Delta Cruiser – Tatus-Tutóia crossing), we will take the 110 km of asphalt until Tutóia, crossing the Piaui border with Maranhão, where is located the Jandira bridge over Rio Parnaíba. With 640 m long, it yields good pictures! At the village of Comum, already in Tutóia, we will take back local roads that will lead us to Lagoinha and from there to Paulino Neves exhibiting its sandy streets and a wooden bridge over the New River. We’ll make a short photo stop at the Rio Novo Oasis, the beginning of Pequenos Lençóis. Desert beaches, fields and dunes make up the landscape on this stretch. Arrival at the village of Caburé and its inns and rustic restaurants where we will have lunch (not included) and spend the night. In the evening there is still possibility to ride (not included) in speedboat to the bedroom of birds.

  • DIA 6 - Atins - Barreirinhas

    Destination: Route of Emotions – Essential II/ Inverted

    After breakfast, and with all bags packed, we will go on speedboat by the Rio Preguiças until Barreirinhas. We will stop at the Mandacaru’s lighthouse, in the village of the same name, which on top of its eight floors will reveal a 360 degrees view of all the exuberance of the place. We will follow by speedboat until Vassouras, one of many points where the dunes of the Rio Preguiças meet the Pequenos Lençóis. Monkeys (“macacos pregos”) and parrots amaze the travelers who stop to refresh themselves with cold drinks served at the shadows of the tents. Our adventure will continue by the Rio Preguiças. On the way, palms and mangroves are home to birds, reptiles and mammals. Arrival at Barreirinhas. After check in and lunch, depart in 4×4 towards the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. We will cross the Rio Preguiças by ferry and will go on for 40 minutes by the trails until the Azul and Peixes lagoons and their incredible and transparent waters. After a five minute walk through the dunes we arrive at the famous Lagoa Azul, an irresistible invitation to dive. For those who want to explore the spectacular greatness of the Lençóis, the 20 minute walk until the beautiful Lagoa dos Peixes is worth. Before we come back to the pousada, we will admire the sunset on the Lençóis Maranhenses, one of the most remarkable experiences that nature can give us.

  • DIA 7 - Barreirinhas - São Luís

    Destination: Route of Emotions – Essential II/ Inverted

    Breakfast. This free day (check out at the pousadas must be done until 12h00) will allow travelers to discover more about Brazil’s Northeast culture as they visit the Casa de Farinha (Manioc Mill), Marcelino’s community workmanship or going deeper in the discoveries of natural beauties of the region such as the Bonita Lagoon as well as the delicious floating on the limpid Rio Cardosa waters.
    These are optional walks and are not included in the itinerary. At the end of the afternoon we will embark in minibus to São Luís, in a 3h30 trip. End of services.


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Comfort and economy in hotels and inns specially chosen.


Hotel Casa Blanca

Casa blanca

Situated 300 meters from Praia de Iracema in Fortaleza is near lively bars and restaurants. It features a rooftop pool and rooms overlooking the sea. Internet and parking are free. Bright and cheerful, the rooms come with satellite TV, minibar and telephone. Some also offer a balcony or a sitting area.

Hotel Cocal

Hotel Cocal

Located in the Meireles neighborhood, close to Iracema Beach. In the vicinity there are banks, supermarkets, craft centers, restaurants and other facilities. 32 apartments are equipped with telephone, online for free internet access, cable TV, air conditioning and central hot water.

Hotel Carmel Express

Hotel Carmel Express

With a prime location on Iracema Beach, the hotel is just one block from the Pirata Bar (with Monday liveliest in the world), near the Metal Bridge, adjacent to the Cultural Center of the Sea Dragon (tourist and cultural development with bars , restaurants, cinemas, theater and night clubs) and just minutes from downtown. Bringing together comfort and quality with excellence in hosting service. There are 66 apartments, cyber cafe, swimming pool, deck bar and a breakfast carefully prepared and served in the lounge with a beautiful view of the sea.


Jeri Village Hotel

Jeri Village

The recently renovated Jeri Village Hotel,with an excellent infrastructure: swimming pool, bar, leisure space and privileged location. The hotel now has 28 suites equipped with air conditioning, TV, minibar and hot shower.

Pousada Casa D’Alice

CAsa Alice

Located just 50m from the beach and next  to the main square near restaurants, bars and shops. The Inn features 20 comfortable and refined rooms that are cozy and offer a harmony of colors in your decor mixed with natural wood accents.

Pousada Vento de Jeri


The Pousada Vento de Jeri is located in the village of Jericoacoara, on Main Street, about 750 meters from the beach and 450 meters from the center, where there are most of the bars, restaurants and local attractions. The apartments have air-conditioning Split, TV, minibar, safe, free wi-fi network, private bathroom with hot shower, balcony with hammock and, in some cases, also a well-structured kitchenette.

Pousada do Mauricio

Pousada do Mauricio

Just steps from the beach on Main Street, presents his guests total ease of movement through the village, allowing comes and goes without fatigue. For those who simply want to relax and watch the world go by, the hostel’s bar is the ideal place: with their networks and sofas, works as a cabin where you can watch the parade Jeri’s life.


Delta Park Hotel

Delta Park

The Delta Park Hotel is located in large and beautiful green area along the River Igaraçu. Its structure includes a restaurant, laundry, fish and pay ecological and wi-fi zone. The accommodations have air conditioning, TV, refrigerator and hot shower.

Hotel Portal dos Ventos

Portal dos Ventos

Peace and comfort is what provides the Portal dos Ventos. Well located in a residential neighborhood with easy access to restaurants and bars, among other amenities. Apartments have air conditioning, TV, minibar and hot shower. It offers laundry services and wireless internet.


Rancho dos LençóisRancho do Buna 

In the community of Atins, Rancho dos Lençóis has a primitive charm in its design. It has a small pool at its center. Cozy between coconut trees, with cottages, rustic and comfortable service bar and restaurant.

Pousada Jurará


The Pousada Jurará (Inn) is situated in the fishermen’s village, in the main street in the village of Atins, at the east entrance of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park just 200 meters from the beach (outside port). The hostel is all terraced with stone paving and ipe wood, offers a pleasant rest area and contemplation of the daily movement of the Atins community. It also has a bar and snack bar (Sebastian bar).


Pousada do Rio

Pousada do Rio

In the midst of a rich green area, the Pousada do Rio has decoration inspired in Maranhao culture, as well as the regional menu of the restaurant. It has twenty-four apartments with air conditioning, TV, minibar and hot shower. A small beach in Rio Preguiças provides dives.

Pousada D’Areia

Pousada da areia

The hostel has a privileged location right in the city downtown, close to restaurants, cafes, banks, travel agencies, craft gallery and facing the dune and beach of Rio Preguiças (city’s postcard) and the River Preguiças pier. It offers accommodation with air conditioning, balcony and free parking.


The best cost-effective rate. Hotels and tourist lodges and comfortable to hold a certain charm functional.


Hotel Sonata de Iracema

Sonata de Iracema

Relaxe em nossos apartamentos espaçosos e aconchegantes e se deslumbre com vistas de um oceano cintilante quando se hospedar no Hotel Sonata de Iracema. Cada um de nossos 117 quartos dispõe de uma decoração simples mas estilosa que capta o charme ensolarado de nosso bairro. Além disso, todos os apartamentos tem vista para o mar, criando um ambiente ainda mais tranquilo.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn Fortaleza has 273 apartments, all overlooking the sea. The services of broadband Internet access in the rooms, fitness center, swimming pool, baby space and kids club are free to guests. The apartments are complete with air conditioning, TV, refrigerator and hot shower.


Pousada Wind Jeri


Not only for its beauty but also by the comfort and cleanliness of their accommodations Pousada Windjeri stands out. The relaxing environment and peace, along with its flower gardens and its architecture, make the your stay perfect! A few meters from Praia das Dunas and with the main scenario the Sunset Dune; the sea; fishing boats; your palm and coconut trees and in the late afternoon, the sails of wind and kite surfing in the breeze of the trade winds.

Pousada Onda Blue

Onda blue

Arranged on two floors, the hotel has 11 rooms built with care and designed to meet the most diverse demands. With 2 large terraces with hot tub where guests can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree views of white dunes and blue waters of beautiful nearby beaches, the hotel also has a swimming pool and a shower area. We offer daily choices of tasty dishes of Italian and international cuisine.

Pousada Surfing in Jeri

Surfing Jeri

It is situated 70 meters from the beach and dune Pôr-do-Sol (Sunset Dune). Charmingly decorated, has a beautiful tropical garden and swimming pool. Rooms with air conditioning, TV, minibar and hot shower.


Pousada dos Ventos

Pousada dos ventos

Excellent choice of accommodation with easy access to restaurants and bars, among other amenities. A swimming pool, restaurant, sushi bar, gardens, tennis courts, playgrounds, wi-fi, laundry. Rooms with air conditioning, TV, minibar and hot shower.

Nautillus Hotel


The attendance is of high standard of distinction. With privileged physical spaces, large recreation area with pool and entertainment, complete accommodations with daily room service, wi-fi, reception of Nautillus Hotel is synonymous with charm, good taste, privacy, sophistication and comfort level of care summarized in 24h attendance, parking with 24 hours security, event halls and american bar.


Pousada Cajueiro Atins

Cajueiro Atins

The Cajueiro Atins is an exclusive retreat that offers the best in comfort for those who want to know the area and have direct contact with nature.
In addition to accommodation (9 suites, 6 quadruple and 3 doubles), the Inn offers a full-service dining with dishes, maintaining regional identity offering fresh and natural dishes are our business card.

Pousada Maresia


Pousada Maresia and ‘located 200 meters from the beach and the small square of the village, only 400 meters from the Natural Park of Lençóis.The structure and ‘consists of two areas, a more private part and separated from the main structure with wooden chalets and the main area in our tropical garden, with restaurant, kite school and other accommodations.


Pousada do Buriti

Pousada do Buriti

With great location, one of the finest structures of Lençóis Maranhenses, with pools, game room, restaurant, bar by the brook, convenience store and handicrafts, hammocks and playground. There are 33 chalets with balcony, living room and suite, equipped with split air conditioning, TV, minibar and hot shower.

Pousada Murici


At just 700m from the city center, the Pousada Murici features 16 apartments that include air conditioning, TV, fridge, hot shower and bed box. In the guesthouse’s restaurant you will find the best dishes from Maranhão cuisine based on seafood . And besides, you will find the famous Pousada Murici’s mocotó dish and other typical foods of the Northeast.

Pousada Paraiso dos Lençóis

Paraiso dos lençóis

The Inn Paradise Sheets has 10 cozy suites consist of Queen sized bed and / or single bed with mattresses of pocket springs, LED TV with satellite dish, air conditioning type Split, fridge and electric shower. Wi-fi at the reception. In our air-conditioned dining room we offer a tasty breakfast with regional fruits and juices, breads, tapioca, cakes, etc.


For the most demanding, combines superior apartments in the best hotels and hostels in each destination.


Grand Marquise

Gran Maquise

The Grand Marquise hotel is classified as 5 star luxury. It has 230 rooms, lobby bar, pool, health club, business center and conference rooms. Rooms with air conditioning, cable LCD TV, minibar, free internet, goose feather pillows and bathrobes.

Hotel Luzeiros

Luzeiros Fortaleza

It is considered the first design hotel of Ceara. The hotel has great location on the seafront of Meireles, and 100m from the traditional fair at the seaside. It has swimming pool, restaurant, gym and sauna. Suites equipped with air conditioning, TV, frigobar, hot shower and many other facilities.




With only 14 apartments, the very exclusive Pousada Jeribá in its personality brings a rustic and intimate in its concept. With a privileged location by the sea of Jeri, it is also just a few meters from the quiet and beautiful beach of Malhada. Gardens, swimming pools (including hydro), beach bar, restaurant and a careful service make this inn one of the best choices. His exquisite apartments have air conditioning, cable TV, minibar, hot shower, feather pillows and a whirlpool bath.

Pousada Vila Kalango

Vila kalango

Beside the Dune of the Sunset and close to the sea of Jeri, this hostel has a unique style to receive its guests. Its rustic-chic design is full of personality and good taste, a pool, lounge, bar, restaurant, infantil nursery, hammocks, reading and relaxation areas, massage gazebo, wi-fi and other amenities. Their chalets are spacious, airy and absolutely integrated into the environment. For many it is the best way of lodging in Jericoacoara.


Casa de Santo Antônio Hotel de Charme


The hotel is located in Plaza Santo Antônio area. It  has 22 suites, 7 colonial, Bussines Center, Welfare Space, decorative items from Europe, most secular pieces that no longer exist in Brazil. Hotel lighting is all colonial. All suites have Split air conditioning, 32 LCD TV, digital safe, telephone system.

Carnaubinha Praia Resort


A bold project where rustic and sophisticated come together for the benefit of comfort and nature preservation. The continuous improvement in services and equipment is the main focus of Carnaubinha Beach Resort. The Carnaubinha Beach Resort has 8 luxury suites. The suites are equipped with minibar, 32 “LCD TV, cable TV, Internet, Split Air-conditioning, cabinets designed, hammock for arming in the balcony and a privileged vista.

Vila Itaqui

Vila Itaqui

The bungalows were built in the seaside are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, hot water and a balcony with stunning views. Comfortable accommodation, combined with the charm of a rustic building, offer guests a highly pleasant stay. The ideal place for your rest and recreation in Piauiense coast.


Oceano Atins

oceano atins

It is situated in front of Ponta da Brasília, at the mouth of the Preguiças River, facing the ocean. Filled with works of art, this sophisticated inn is rustic-chic style, fully integrated with nature, in the midst of a huge garden. Its suites are equipped with fan, safe mosquito nets and hairdryer.


Gran Solare Lençóis Resort

Gran solare

Located in a large green area on the banks of the Rio Preguiças, the Gran Solare Lençóis has cyber, fitness center, changing room, kids club, pier, 720 m2 swimming pool, wet bar, restaurant, games room, massage room, sauna and wi- fi zone. Rooms with air conditioning, minibar, internet, living room / dining room, cable TV, balcony with hammock.

Porto Preguiças Resort

Porto preguiças

In the midst of an area of 200.000m ² of virgin forest on the banks of the Preguiças River, the Port Preguiças excells in every detail. Spaces, antiques, works of art, fine craft and plants have a unique environment. Cabins are 58m ² and feature air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, hot shower, goose feather pillows and balcony with hammock.


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Todos os serviços terrestres, náuticos e passeios.


Jericoacoara: off-road tours by lagoons Paraíso, Coração and Pedra Furada (private), Lagoa de Tatajuba (Lagoa da Torta) and Funil dune (private).


Parnaíba: speedboat tour throughout Delta do Parnaíba and Feijão Bravo Bay (private).

Água doce 1

Barreirinhas: Tour by 4×4 to Lagoa Azul and Peixes lagoons (regular), speedboat tour by the Rio Preguiças with visit to Vassouras, Mandacaru Lighthouse and Caburé (private).


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